The Pentacle is not an evil symbol: how did it become one?

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Answered by: C. Bridget, An Expert in the Alternative Religions - General Category
Many people see a pentacle and automatically associate it with evil, the devil, and Satanists. However, this is not the case. Poorly researched horror films and ignorance regarding religious symbols has lead to these assumptions. The pentacle is not an evil symbol. The pentacle, is a star enclosed in a circle, you can wear it or represent it with the point of the star facing up or with the point of the star facing down. Either way, it is hardly a symbol of evil.

The five points of the star represent the elements, earth, air, fire, water, and the fifth point means different things to different people. Often times it is associated with spirit, or Akasha. It is also representative of the fact that the wearer of the symbol recognizes a higher being; something bigger and more powerful than themselves.

The pentacle drawn or worn in an upside down fashion symbolizes the notion that the wearer or drawer believes that they themselves are the highest being and there is nothing above them. This is where the pentacle conflates with Satanists. Satanists believe in the “here and now” approach. They indulge in the worldly materials and pleasures that Christianity has tried to suppress and think of themselves as deities. Horror movies and thriller sitcoms display the pentacle in an upside down fashion when representing evil occult-like actions or themes; therefore confusing the viewer and letting them assume that the symbol itself is indicative of the devil.

Other ideas that have fed into the evil pentacle revolve around Christianity demonizing the Horned Man of the Celtic tradition. In an attempt to convert the masses, Christianity likened the Horned Man to the devil with his horns and also expressed the idea that the pentacle was a symbol of the Horned Man which therefore was a symbol of the devil.

Symbols represent different things to different groups of people and even individuals. Revert back to 32 CE, the year before a savior figure was crucified on two pieces of wood. That’s all people would have noted about it, two pieces of wood fastened together; the equivalent of a modern day electric chair. Now, the cross is a holy symbol representing Christianity. The same goes for the Swastika, it’s all in perception and interpretation. To some Tibetans the Swastika is an Ancient Peace Symbol and to others it is a horrific symbol representing intolerance and genocide.

The pentacle is no different, it is a religious symbol flipped upright or upside down. It represents a belief system, a set of ideas. The pentacle is not an evil symbol or an icon of the devil. Anyone who draws or wears the pentacle does not even believe in a devil, so how can they worship ‘him’? Do not rely on the media or entertainment business to relay the facts correctly. Always ask questions and form your own conclusions. Get to know someone and their ideals before assuming they are a devil worshipper based on their choice of jewelry for the day.

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