What are the best stones for pendulums?

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The shape or cut of the pendulum stone is generally connected with aesthetics more than practicality. The best stones for pendulums depends on the use of the device. Simple cuts, colors and semi-precious stones are preferred for beginners.

Pendulums come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. Anything that can swing and procure and arc is considered a pendulum. This method of communication and revelation has been used for thousands of years. Modern Pendulum use is generally related to spiritual guidance, clairvoyance, dowsing, the paranormal, yes/no questions, bio-rhythmic patterns, and connection with the other side.

Pendulums are defined as any item that is weighted and dangles from a string, wire or chain. Although there are beautiful pendulums available, simple clear quartz crystal and amethyst are inexpensive and just as effective. Those reading bio-rhythms, or working with Chakra cleansing and balancing, will opt for a colored stone that is congruent to the subject matter.

Gemstone and crystal pendulums team well with the Chakra system. Wheels of energy, or Chakras, are aligned next to the spine. Each is defined by a color and corresponds to a generalized area of the body and spirit. Pendulums made from colored stones work in conjunction with Chakras, protection, intuition, security, fortune, luck, health, and matters of the heart.

The best stones for pendulums, especially for beginners, include clear quartz and amethyst. These two stones are related to the Seventh Chakra or Crown Chakra. This wheel of energy is the closest to spiritual enlightenment, clarity and pure consciousness.

Other popular stones utilized in pendulum craft include rose quartz, bloodstone, aventurine, agates and jaspers. Folk lore and crystal workers identify the natural mineral or gem to a specific need. One might choose a rose quartz or green aventurine if working in areas of the heart or lung, as they are associated with the Forth Chakra or Heart Chakra.

It is not necessary to purchase a rare gemstone pendulum to obtain yes/no answers, intuitive clarity, or bio-feedback. The stone can be as simple and inexpensive as quartz to obtain information after activation. The most important aspect pendulum use is the activation process, meditation and/or prayer before and after the use of the pendulum, and cleansing of the stone.

The shape of the pendulum is strictly for aesthetics. While a clearly defined point is not necessary, it can be helpful when using biorhythm charts or alphabet boards. The primary cuts for pendulums are teardrop and faceted. Teardrop is the most common and easiest to produce. The tumbled mineral or stone is shaped into an oblong figure with narrowing or point at the end. The teardrop is the easiest shape to manufacture, thus it is least expensive and most common stone pendulum.

The faceted stone is cut into at least six sides and has a dramatic point. Most practitioners of the pendulum prefer the precision of the faceted cut. The point is easier to read when utilizing other tools such as graphs and alphabet boards.

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