Does your search for truth include an exploration of controversey and misconception?

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In the present time of 2012, sometimes called the Age of Aquarius, many people find themselves in a search for answers. Does your search for truth include an exploration of controversey and misconception? Those who are searching do so in their own way, asking their own questions, discerning their own truths.

In this age of awakening, some may find themselves questioning the values and beliefs they've always lived by. Most of us acquired what we believe to be truth, by being raised a certain way or taught a certain way. Our family and friends, our teachers and our environment often made up a big part of our influences and we were impacted the most by those closest to us in our formative years. Through trust and time spent we formed opinions based on those around us, what we were told, what we saw acted out. Others, like myself, for many years may not have questioned those values, but simply accepted them without explanation. For me, there came a time in life when I was no longer satisfied with the beliefs and truths of others and I began a search of my own, to find the answers for myself and the truths that I would call my own.

Does your search for truth include an exploration of controversey and misconception? I would say yes it does. The first fear that I met was the realization that what I believe isn't really what I believe, after all. That realization takes you from the security and familiarity of your comfort zone, and perhaps from the firm foundation that you've stood strong from. Questioning what you believe can leave you with a lost feeling of "who am I really", and it prompts you to look inside yourself and begin that exploration of self.

Questioning what you believe requires you to be willing to let go of the old, open yourself up, and step out on to the path of finding yourself, your core. Such a path is an ongoing journey. When you ask yourself and others why they believe a certain way, you will find controversey and if you listen to that soul voice inside yourself, you will learn to discern what is truth. For many years there have been misconceptions about doctrines, rituals, how a certain story or belief came about, the origin of the bible, and endless other topics. In spirituality and matters of the soul, in order to progress we have to search out what resonates with self, what makes sense to each of us personally.

What makes our faith strong? What keeps us climbing the ladder for knowledge and wisdom? What motivates us to grow and brings us inner peace? Who are we and how can we help humankind? Explore controversey, explore misconception, ask questions, look inside yourself, realize that the world we know is not what it seems. In your quest for your own truth, don't give up but wake up! You can learn something from every person who crosses your path, no matter their age, gender, social status or color. Pay attention to all and everything in your surroundings, learn the signs the Universe provides!

We all have a map to help us along the way, no matter the tides and turns. Start the realization of who you really are, what your own truths are, and watch the transformation begin!

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