What concludes truth surrounding spirtituality, god and power of choice?

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God Cried Today

God cried today

for the life i left behind..

foot prints in the sand erased by the wind of time..

God cried today

for the thousands of children that die

for the loss of a child Ive seen is hardest to survive for ever half a second

he looses to a faith pushed aside

for his children given the power of choice

choose to die


my father cried..

tears of the heaven fell from the skies

if silent god bless there cries

He reached out to carry the burden upon his life

his only begotten son as human sacrifice

God cried today

For the days lost and that (lie) ahead

to forgive the unwilling given the breath of life live beside death

potential given yet unfulfilled tears from the heaven spill

killing of a man lost innocence of a child

power to heal the soul lost in a smile

Given the time to have it swept away at sea children of creation

lost to anarchy

God cried today

for evil to understand given the power of word

yet not a single message blessed ears of man

Poverty stricken countries as a blind eyes is in range

powerless as to have reached the gates is as easy to have forgotten a name

U pass by tears from eyes that weap

for blind eyes of silence is what humanity speaks

forgive us father for i know your pain

when a broken heart collapsed the angels came

weakness that encountered the lost anger that swept your land

sorrow that engulfed the hearts of thee ungratified man

God cried today

For the absence of a forgiving love

power of greed when abundance is never enough

unsettling minds

demolish as to follow

the demolition of the leaders of tomorrow

with no heart a man would cease to survive

is as life with no knowledge that ambushes the power of mind

Every mistake made was a war already won

i sacrifised my soul and made it back as one

struggles I've survived has eaten men a whole

i maybe at the bottom of the list but i am owner of my soul

God cried today

I challenge u to step where my feet have led

a spirit of my being amongst the walking dead

A testament to my life

a journey i travel alone

a world of lost souls

yet mine has found its home

for the youth that never received a chance

who couldn't find the stairway to heaven with a map

God cried today

As his vision was never to surrender as a world cold as to miss

a human spreading

beauty surrcom to this

seas run black death pollutes the air

humanity at grace as if we have alternate to spare

You can have it all

for its nothing at this

time i shall keep every answer for it's mine

God cried today

For the master piece

that met demise

universe of sin

that flows through the veins of life...

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