How Do I Cast a Spell?

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Casting a spell is easy! First off you need to decide if you are going to cast a spell from someone else, like from a book, or a spell of your own. Finding a spell in a book is often the first choice, because people need confidence before they want to try it on their own. The most common ay to do this is to get your self a copy of a book containing spells. Many are available at book stores and online. When selecting a spell-book it's good to consider what kind of spell you want to cast, and what you own basic outlook is. You don't want to buy a book that is full of things you don't like. One good way to get a good one is to look at all the writers and books out there and read the reviews on the publisher web sites and other forums, you can research the writer and often find samples of their work before you purchase anything. One you have a book it will usually have a few thing things, requirements, like casting at a certain time, or using a certain stones etc. One reason to research first is to find out if the spell you want to cast is that many spell, especially the ones in very old spell-books, have ludicris demands, such as the hand of a hanged thief etc,and.If the spell you want to cast needs something like that, most people will put it off and forget about it. If you have the knack of things from the beginning, you may feel like creating your own any way, that is great! Creating a new spell is good for a lot of reasons, first it starts you off as self directed, you get to learn about yourself while you cast a spell, and often these spells work more quickly because you can trust your own judgement. Most every spell book has a "Warm-Up" of some kind, not drinking alchohol, intense prayer, fasting etc. This usually helps establish the strength of feeling needed to be sincere when you cast the spell.Also remember the point of casting a spell is not just to cast one! You need to think of what to achieve, and tailor the spell to that goal. If you want to cast a love spell, use red or pink somehow, perhaps by imagining it in the shape of a magic creature or aura. If you want to do something involving plants you can use the color green, and a plant sample of some kind, a twig or root, etc. Often people like to use magic symbols, use whatever symbols you like, if you want to create a new one you can take the letters in a word and draw them as one big shape, and then twist it as you wish. Many spell casters use this method, and cast the spell by doing something to the symbol, burn it, bury it, or even tossing it into a river.

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