Can people manifest positive changes in their lives using New Orleans Voodoo?

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Can people manifest positive changes in their lives using New Orleans Voodoo? The answer is a definite and resounding yes but what does the average person think of when they even hear the word Voodoo?

The most common reaction is to cringe and back away from even the very thought of it. For years Hollywood has capitalized on movies about Voodoo portraying images of zombies and voodoo dolls and any number of sinister characters. In actuality, New Orleans Voodoo works on the principles of harnessing the forces of nature to work for you, to manifest your deepest desires in life. New Orleans Voodoo is a religion that found its’ origins in Haiti for hundreds of years before eventually making its way to the United States.

The basic principal of New Orleans voodoo is that the practitioner sends out positive, reassuring, confident messages to the universe through a formal petition that is recited, word for word, in a ritualistic ceremony for a specified number of days. Having deep faith and total focus are essential to the ultimate achievement of the desired goal manifesting into reality.

During the ritualistic ceremony, visualizing the desired goal as though it’s already manifested is extremely important as it helps the practitioner to have the unwavering faith that is so vital to success and, in turn, successfully achieve what is being petitioning for. Many people who have tried to use voodoo to manifest whatever it is they desire, truly want what they’re requesting but give up prematurely. When they don’t see the things happening that they want to see happen, their attitudes turn to one of “this doesn’t work, it’s all a bunch of baloney”. They throw their hands up in resignation and give up. The laws of manifestation dictate that whatever thoughts you hold onto are what actions will eventually come to pass. Woefully for many who crave instant gratification, the actual manifestation doesn’t necessarily happen on the time schedule that they would prefer.

Of course there is a dark side of Voodoo but it is risky business because if the person or people the practitioner is trying to do harm to are not deserving of the bad luck and/or negativity being petitioned for them, the negativity can and usually does backfire and the practitioner finds his or herself burdened with more trouble and bad luck than they ever imagined possible.

When it comes to petitions for love, a voodoo doll is sometimes used. Again, all Voodoo petitions for love relationships are created with loving messages sent out to the intended target. Doubt can in no way be a part of the ceremony; any doubt in existence during the ceremony is exactly what gets sent out to the universe to manifest. New Orleans Voodoo states that, through this ritual, the universe will provide what or who you’re asking for or something even better.

Although the messages suggesting someone be attracted to you should be loving and reassuring for the best results, the targets will cannot actually be bent, therefore something even better is what the LWA (voodoo saints equivalent to the Catholic saints) will arrange to have manifest into the practitioner’s life.

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